Parading fiery school spirit

Community gathers in traditional preparation for homecoming weekend


Leading ladies: Cheerleaders march at the front the parade on Oct. 2. Photo by: Alex Thoma

Alex Thoma, Reporter

In preparation for the homecoming game against the Brookville Devils, the high school held the annual parade and bonfire on Oct. 2 which began at the Oakwood Community Center (OCC) and ended at the softball field in the stadium.

The parade was comprised of athletic teams, the cheer team, the marching band, homecoming court, police and firefighters. 

Timmy Duvic (12), a team captain of the Jacks, led the football team in a cheer, which Coach Snyder uses frequently: “We love football in the rain, in the heat, in the snow, here we go, we love football”.

The cheerleaders, who led the parade, held a homecoming banner and ended the parade at the bonfire. 

The bonfire featured the band, cheerleaders and football team, who raised the spirits of the community.

“The whole community’s together, and I have pride that I’m from Oakwood,” Andrew Lunne (11) said.

The bonfire consisted of the football team burning an effigy of a player of the Brookville Devils.

“It makes the players more rowdy for the game,” JC Stephens (12) said.

The parade and bonfire is an Oakwood tradition that happens annually.

Wesley Price (12) said, “When I was a little kid I used to come to these and it’s good to see kids following the tradition.”