Hollywood in Dayton

1913 Studios buy 13.5 acres to build a professional production facility


Building the future: Springfield Street will provide the foundation for this huge change to Dayton. Seth Hummel, a co-founder of 1913 Studios, said, “There’s so much room for growth in Dayton, Ohio that it’s a perfect place for us to put our studio and to build our headquarters.”

Natalie Muntwyler, Set Director

The new 1913 Studios will be starting their business on the streets of Dayton, Ohio. So far, they have purchased 210,000 sq. ft. of land to build their first-ever production facility. The facility will include three production stages along with design/build shops and educational spaces.

“1913 Studios is excited to make this commitment to Dayton,” Joey DiFranco, co-founder of 1913 Studios, said in a press release. “This city has incredible infrastructure and a talent pipeline in terms of technology, media production, and the arts.”

Out of all of the cities in the world, this studio decided to set up in Dayton, Ohio which is leaving some people asking why. 

“You’ve got a significant number of inventions that came out of Dayton that touch our everyday life,” Hummel said. “It’s time that Dayton be known for world-class production as well.”

While some say that Dayton will become the new Hollywood, others are hoping that the space will be designed to create a new feel to the film industry world.

“I can’t wait until we can start being that change agent in the industry,” Katey Selix, co-founder of 1913 Studios, said. “proving to everyone that there is a different way to do stuff.” 

1913 Studios has a team of people helping to turn their ideas into reality with different directors and managers, even leaning on the Dayton based ​​architecture company, MODA4, to help with the building.

“Having spent years working on The Arcade, we can’t wait to dig into another large project that demonstrates what can happen when a building is creatively modified with aesthetics and technology befitting the 21st century,” Jamie Owens, Director of Business Development at MODA4, said.

With workers and consumers alike eager for productions to start, 1913 Studios has released that they will be starting their construction in the first quarter of 2022 in hopes to be finished soon after. For updates, visit their website.