The Axidentals share the singing spotlight

Mira Sidhu, Staffer

The Axidentals performed at the Kettering National A Cappella festival in November. Photo Contributed by: Jeremy Storost

Due to the immense success of Synergy last year, the group’s advisor, Jeremy Storost, decided to expand Oakwood’s A capella program by creating a second group, called the Axidentals.

“We had over 60 students try out, and only 14 spots available [in Synergy],” Storost said. “This way, other students who are very talented also have an outlet, musically.”

The Axidentals meet three days a week, during zero period before school. Like Synergy, its members receive school credit and a grade for their participation. Unlike a regular choir, however, they perform using their voices only, and tend to sing more modern and popular pieces. Most members have previous experience with singing, and build off of what they’ve learned in choral classes, such as proper breathing techniques.

“Synergy does a little more stuff on their own,” Storost said. “With the Axidentals, there’s more work on stage presence and things like that.”

Earlier in the year, the Axidentals were a part of the Kettering A cappella Festival, where groups from around the country gather to watch each other perform. The group had the opportunity to watch professional and college level groups perform, and receive critique from such groups.

“Overall, it was a great experience,” Phoebe Martin (10) said. “We learned a lot and received some really good advice.”

Recently, the Axidentals performed in the holiday choir concert, alongside Synergy and the regular chorus classes. They performed the popular christmas ballad “All I Want For Christmas is You,” as well as a medley of popular Christmas songs.

“The medley piece was fun to sing,” Martin said. “It had a mix of all my favorite Christmas songs.”

The group has already begun work on their pieces for the Spring show, which is a performance solely for the a capella groups. One composition they plan to perform is “Say Something,” by A Great Big World.

“We just got back from break, so I’m not sure what our other songs will be yet,” Sophia Davis (9) said. “But I’m sure they’ll be catchy and fun.”

By: Mira Sidhu

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