Jacks prepare for homecoming

Jayden Rodriguez, Writer

Students and residents of Oakwood alike prepare for Homecoming on Sept. 22 with their parade and football game.

According to Heidi Edwards, a science teacher who is also is in charge of the Homecoming parade, she has a process of setting up the parade. She does tag-team the whole set up process with Mrs. Connor, the athletic director, too. Setting up the Homecoming football game is like any other game, where the cheerleaders set it up the day before during the team’s Thursday walkthrough practice, but the parade is a different story.

“Mrs. Connor and I touch base with the city to make sure the streets are closed and the police can assist in case something happens. Two weeks in, we email the coaches and send them invitations to the high school and junior high so they can RSVP,” Edwards said. “About one week in, we send out the lineup and the grounds crew sets up everything for the bonfire.”

The school can thank Greg Goetz for being in charge of setting up the bonfire. Edwards noted that everyone’s flexibility is a huge component of the event’s success, including the parade.

“The parade really makes me happy. It gets me excited to see everyone watching us and I think it really pumps everyone up for the big game,” Claire Parker, varsity cheerleaders. (10) said.

There’s also a wild halftime show, where the band plays music, people drive around in themed golf carts, like Snoopy, and the Homecoming King and Queen are announced. Maybe even a few boys or two ask their Homecoming date out over the loudspeaker in front of the school.

The band kids prepare for both the parade and the football game as well. According to the band, the parades are a lot like Fridays, where they all march through hallways of the school and play a loud song to get everyone pumped up for the game at the end of the day.

“Homecoming practices are actually easier, since we just stand on the field and exist in the background while the other Homecoming things happen, which are really the main focus,” Nick Shafer (12) said.

Tommy Lunne (12), the Oakwood Lumberjacks quarterback, prepares for the game with the film and scouting reports provided for them and just with practice in general.

Lunne said, “Sometimes I feel the pressure, but at the end of the day I always remember that this is a game and I’m playing this for fun.”