Teachers take on students

Academic team prepares for regionals by challenging staff to a trivia match


Challenging Trivia: During the trivia match, Ian Callon was the host, reading aloud questions and recording points for both teams. Photo contributed by: Adam Chodkowski (11)

Katie Ulrich and Sage Spirk

On Friday, April 14, the high school academic team gather in Ian Callon’s room for a trivia match against staff members. The team, which finished its spring season placing first both in the league and in SWBL, competes by answering trivia questions in various categories. Topics include literature, mathematics, current events, economics and more.

The teachers competing were Matt Deters, Brian Polk, David Burgan, Lori Morris and Ryan Connelly. The students’ team was comprised of Austin Choi (12), Charli Kulka (12), Harry Zheng (11), Matthew Drummond (9), Danny Vasconez (11), Peter Silvain (11), Rohan Haack (11), Wright Chen (12), Amane Velasquez (9) and Kate Ulrich (10).

The Staff-versus-Students game included a category section, a letter section and a lightning section. The first round consisted of questions in sets of three, all relating to the same topic.

Next was the letter round, in which each team receives a page of questions whose answers all begin with the same letter. Friday’s answers included ‘Jade,’ ‘Joplin’ and ‘Jailhouse Rock.’

The match ended with the lightning round. In the round populated by only toss-up questions, anyone could buzz in to answer. One question asked for example was the latest day in April that Easter Sunday could be celebrated. The answer, which neither team supplied, was April 25.

Teachers won the game 99-70. The next day, the academic team finished eighth out of 16 at the regional academic team competition, winning against Turpin and Alter and losing to Beavercreek, Talawanda, Madeira and Miami Valley.