Not just one act

Lumberjack Theatre produces one act play festival, features two productions followed by awards


Cheerful Characters: Lumberjack Theatre seniors Felicia Dumbraveanu, Lilly Wolford, Andrew Otis and Naomi Gut receive senior awards at the banquet after the festival on May 6. Photo contributed by: Elise Hess

Patrick Sullivan, Reporter

The One Acts Film Festival took place on May 6, students presented plays that they prepared.  Groups were tasked with staging a play that is only one act compared to a regular play which is usually several acts. The one acts were “Choir Class”, which was written and directed by Lily Wolford, and “Writer’s Block,” which was directed by Naomi Gut and written by Andrew Otis. 

“It was actually really fun and we were given a lot more freedom than other plays,” Ronan Kernan (11), Lumberjack Theatre actor, said. 

The purpose of the One Act Play Festival is that it to be more student oriented as opposed to regular plays which follow a strict script. All plays were written and performed by students.This was the last major theater production for the Lumberjack Theater so many theater students said their goodbyes to seniors and honor them at the banquet.

“It was sad to see all the seniors go because I have been doing the theater program with them for several years,” Kernan said.

This was the first normal one in more than two years after being affected by COVID-19.

“It was great to be back to normal in the a regular theater season without any restrictions,” Emma Rubin (11) said

Audience members seemed to enjoy the show as well.

“I liked watching one acts. It was really interesting how they had to compact everything but It didn’t feel compact at all,” Elise Hess (12) said. 

After the show, the students participated in a banquet where they honored the best moments of the season, including actors and favorite moments.