Senior Spotlight: Anyone can cook

Cate Bowman reflects on her passion for cooking as it relates to her future


Busy Baker: In the midst of a new project, Cate Bowman (12) takes great precision in her craft. Bowman said, “I decided being a chef would be my career freshman or sophomore year, when I really became interested in the CIA.” Photo by: Cate Bowman

Shayla Frederick, Copy Editor

Throughout various cultures and areas of the world, cooking holds different meanings and memories for individuals. While some may merely view it as a tedious chore, others may deem it as an art, something to connect with family and friends. Cate Bowman (12) takes this to the next step, as she plans to pursue this great interest as a full-time career. While Cate is in the kitchen creating a plethora of dishes and pastries, she approaches cooking with a dichotomy between exactness and creativity.

In the fall, Bowman will attend the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in New York City. She plans to major in Culinary Science, which discusses the biology and general science involved in food, on a Baking and Pastry Arts track.

Food is probably the topic that makes me most excited,” Bowman said. “I always have had a passion for food and seeking out really cool dishes at restaurants.”

Throughout her life, Bowman has been involved in cooking, whether it be for professional or familial occasions. She has done many different workshops and classes at the CIA, which has further driven her interest to this specific school.

“I have always loved to help my family in the kitchen with holidays and just different baking projects,” Bowman said. “My mom put me in a multitude of different cooking classes at the DLM cooking school. I have also done a Baking and Pastry class at the CIA a few years ago with my mom.”

During high school, Bowman has designed a multitude of dishes, cooking them for her family and posting pictures of the meals on social media. Through Centerville’s Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management program, she has also taken the time out of her day to further pursue this intense training. As Bowman reflects on her cooking career, there is one person that comes to mind who has influenced and motivated her the most: her mother.

“[My mother] is as obsessed with food and cooking as I am, and I was heavily influenced by her passion with culinary endeavors,” Bowman said. “She’s a great cook and has done a Culinary Boot Camp at the CIA, which also reinforced my interest in this particular school.”

Bowman has accomplished a great deal throughout high school, from numerous classes to having the ability to make 12-course meals. As Bowman’s culinary career has progressed, there has been an evolution in the reasons as to why she loves the field and craft to this day.

“I love the meticulous steps with cooking and baking, and it’s a creative art form for me,” Bowman said. “I also love how much the food world is expanding, and how there are so many opportunities out there with the degree I am pursuing.”

While this is a great and unique accomplishment, Bowman is not alone in her endeavors. All around the world, there are a great deal of younger chefs who wish to pursue the same path that Bowman will be taking on. Bowman encourages hope and determination in their efforts.

“To the younger generations, I would say to take cooking classes from a young age whether it be summer camps or just a themed class here and there,” Bowman said. “Practice cooking at home, and try to enter into some competitions in the area. Better yet, enter the Culinary Career Education program at Centerville!”