Prepping for Prom

Students discuss plans on how they get ready for the biggest dance of the year


Prom Pals: At last year’s prom, Ellerie Nye (12), Avery Pohl (12), Sapphira Elsebaei (12), Claire Potter (12) and Erin O’Neill (12) pose in the Flashbox photo booth, which is typically featured at the majority of dances.

Patrick Sullivan, Reporter

On May 7, Oakwood High School is hosting prom at the Dayton Art Institute with a “Masquerade” theme. Some may argue that prom is one of the biggest events for students. Preparation for this event takes weeks, even months for some students.

“I always try to have a good skincare routine to keep my skin clear but especially during prom season,” Avery Pohl (12) said. “I try to get my skin extra clear.”

Many use various skincare products or routines to get their skin looking clear for prom. Many do other things like getting nails done and getting their hair done. 

“I got my nails done before the dance and I also decided to get my hair cut and colored,” Lydia McCombe (12) said. 

Hair, skin and nails is only one aspect of preparation for the event. Another means of getting ready for prom is planning and buying outfits.

“I had to plan what I was wearing a couple of weeks before the actual dance,” Maarten Michalec (11) said.

Similar to guys getting formal wear before the event, many girls also need to order dresses.

“I had to order a couple of dresses almost a month ago and had to decide on the best ones,” Pohl said.

With prom being, arguably, one of the largest events of a student’s high school career, it is inevitable that students will prepare heavily for this event. Many students prepare weeks, or even months ahead for this one night.