Breaking out

Students discuss their plans for Spring Break


Birthday Bash: Last year, students Mallory Moran (12), Maggie Bremner (12), Janie Woods (12), Clare Hand (12), Delainey Crane (12), and Abbey Menza (12) celebrated Spring Break at Seaside, FL. “We got to celebrate Janie’s birthday this night and it was really fun,” Bremner said. Photo by: Maggie Bremner

RJ Plunkett, Reporter

Spring is right around the corner, and many students plan on going on vacation. This year, spring break is starts March 25.

Students all have different plans, and some grades are going on trips together. Typically, the senior class goes on a trip every year, and this year they are going to Fort Myers, FL. 

“For spring break I’m going to Fort Myers with a lot of the senior class,” Dasha Penas-Johnson (12) said. “I’m really excited to be on the beach and hang out with everybody. Everyone is super pumped about it and it’ll be a great opportunity for some class bonding.” 

Spring break is a time for everyone to get away. While some students are going to Fort Myers, others are going to different places. This can be from college visits across the nation, to visits out of the country.

“I’m going to Saint John,” Delainey Crane (12) said. “I’m excited to go and see the islands, relax, and adventure in a unique environment. It’s going to be nice to spend time with my friends that are coming with me.”

Other grades have plans as well, as a lot of juniors and sophomores are going to Seaside to get away from the cold weather. 

“I’m going with a few of my friends to Seaside. I’m pretty stoked for the trip, and we have a lot of stuff planned to do. It’s going to be a movie for sure,” Joey Martin (10) said. 

Sometimes spring break is a time to rest and relax. While you can get away from the cold weather, sometimes it is better to stay home and use this time as a break from activities. 

“I’m staying home for spring break. It’s gonna be nice to get a break from school and chill at my house,” Luke Rubin (9) said.

Classes resume April 4.