Coffee collecting

Student initiates a coffee drive to support local nurses


Giving Back: Patrick Jackson (11) donates coffee supplies for the coffee drive. The drive ended on Jan. 21.

RJ Plunkett, Reporter

On Jan. 21, Timber classes were encouraged to bring in bags of ground coffee to donate. The coffee will be donated to local hospitals for the nurses to use. 

Layla Coomer (9) had the idea to start the coffee drive. Coomer’s outlook and relations in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic has been a critical factor in starting the drive.

“My mom is a hair stylist and she told me about one of her clients who is a nurse on the COVID floor at Kettering hospital. She told me how crazy and difficult it is to work there,” Coomer said.

COVID-19 has taken over hospitals and made them extremely hectic. It is very tiresome and long hours every day for those protecting our front lines. After speaking with her mom, Coomer learned what’s one of the most important things for nurses.

I asked my mom what’s the number one thing they need and she said coffee,” Coomer said. “So that’s what inclined me to start this.”

With the help of her mom, Lizzi Clock (12) and teachers Bridget Fiore, Ellie Randall, and Jennifer Simpson, Coomer has been able to expand her efforts school-wide to care for frontline workers. 

“We are doing this because we love to support student ideas to help the community, and what better way than to help our frontline workers,” Jennifer Simpson, history teacher and homeroom adviser, said. 

What people seem to forget is that our frontline workers are still people just like us. They risk their lives everyday to protect us. 

“Doctors and nurses are working insane hours,” Coomer said.  “I think we as a community need to remember these doctors and nurses are mothers and fathers and have lives of their own.”