Final arrival of the planners


My Planner: Grey Hu (10) holds his new planner. Teacher distributed agendas in homeroom as soon as they arrived. Hu said, “I was surprised because no one told us it had arrived.”

Yi Yang, Reporter

In North America, due to COVID-19 restrictions, large-scale labor disruptions not only affect ports, but also freight stations and inland transportation routes across the country. The result of a large-scale restocking by businesses as consumer demand improves, is tying up vessel capacity. Due to nationwide transportation delays, the school could not provide planners to students at the start of the school year as usual.

On Oct. 19, two months after the start of school, planners finally arrived at the high school office. Teachers distributed agendas during Timber on Oct. 22. Planners are totally free for all students. Do you know that our school has been ordering planners for many years, years even before most of the teachers have been teaching?

“I have been working here since 2005. We have ordered planners since I have been here and this is the first year they have not arrived by the beginning of the school year. Our order is being affected by current shipping delays affecting the whole country. We have provided the planners at no cost to students for as long as I can remember!”  Joni Sherk, Financial Administrative Assistant.

Our school has been providing planners to students for more than sixteen years. The students are now discussing the impact and importance of the planners. Grey Hu (12), moved into Oakwood one year ago, and believes that the planners made a surprisingly great impact on his first year.

“When I first came, I felt kind of lost, because I did not know anybody, and English is a second language speaker. I really feel depressed,” Grey said. “I don’t feel like it was that useful, but it gives me a sense of belonging. It gave me a feeling, the school does care about me.”

A planner is given to the students in order to organize and better communicate, students are more likely to track their homework, set personal goals, and strengthen communication among teachers, students, and parents. 

“We believe that the school planner is a valuable tool to help keep our students organized.  We also include our school code of conduct and a school calendar in our planners,” Lori Peters, Administrative Assistant said. “This is important information for all of our students to have. Students are also required to know and abide by the code of conduct that is also listed on our website.” 

The shipment delay has caused many problems. Fortunately, the school still received their online order, but just two months later than they expected. If students wish to learn more information or have any questions, then they could contact Lori Peters at [email protected]