Under the lights, cheering together

Bonfire concludes with cheer showcase


Spirited Showcase: Cheerleaders have a chance to show off their hard work in preparation for the upcoming homecoming game. Cheer captain Madi Lethander (12) cheers alongside her teammates. Lethander said, “My favorite part of the showcase was doing the Senior dance with my other Senior teammates.” Photo By: Lilly Wolford

Lexie Minard, Reporter

Cheerleaders performed their showcase on Sept. 26. Under the lights, they showed off all their hard work and dedication and gave a sneak peak to the Homecoming game on Oct. 1.

“We really spend a lot of time perfecting the routine and it definitely took a lot of dedication, effort, and practice,” Lethander said. 

This is a bittersweet moment for seniors as their cheer careers will soon be coming to a close.

“It’s definitely a bittersweet experience because you never really feel like it’s the last,” Elise Hess (12) said. “It kinda of just ends and it’s over and there’s nothing you can really do about it.”

Even though it’s a bittersweet moment for our seniors some of their teammates are just beginning their high school cheer career.

“A strong feeling of excitement was going through my mind as I performed my first ever highschool cheer showcase. We worked so hard for this day and it was so great when it finally came,” Deirdre Lynch (9) said. 

The showcase isn’t just one dance it is a whole performance that is put on. 

“My favorite dance in the cheer showcase is pop lock and drop it. I love it because it looks so cool and was one of the dances we worked the hardest on,” Emma Rubin (11), student, said 

Homecoming week is full of firsts and lasts for many different people. Despite that it is a time to be full of spirit and to go all out and show that support for your peers and school.

“I am super bittersweet about this being my last hoco week,” Lethander said. “I know I will miss it so much, but I am also excited and optimistic for the next stage of my life.”