Art with a FLOURISH

OSF launches campaign to expand arts programs at high school


Fostering Creativity: Art one students take advantage of the programs here at Oakwood and work on their projects in Art I. To some, the arts are the most important part of any high school education. Beth Stelling, Oakwood Alumnus said in a promotional video for FLOURISH, “Truly, the arts at Oakwood meant everything to me.”

Natalie Muntwyler, Reporter, Set Director

The Oakwood Schools Foundation is planning a renovation that will modernize and expand the art spaces at the high school. 

The construction plan includes remodeling the band and choir rooms to become completely focused on the visual arts, including a gallery space.

“This project [FLOURISH] really revealed itself as being important and the foundation was excited to take it on,” Kim Horton, Vice President of The Hodge Group, said.

The performing arts will also have an exciting change. 

“One of the components is to create a new performing arts wing,” Horton said.

The wing will include a new state-of-the-art band room, orchestra room, choir room, and improvements to the auditorium for plays, musicals, and other performances.

“This is a project by the community and for the community,” Horton said.

The importance of this project truly shows through the dedication of the Foundation. They have consulted numerous people including Beth Stelling, an Oakwood alumna and standup comedian, to get their thoughts. 

“When you give kids the proper space, rehearsal spaces, and a beautiful stage it makes them imagine their future in a brighter way,” Stelling said in a FLOURISH promotional video. 

While the campaign will be launched this fall, construction won’t begin until the end of the school year.

“Renovations are scheduled to begin in the summer of 2022 with total completion by 2023,” Bre Andrews, Administrative Director of Oakwood Schools Foundation, said. 

Until then, they will continue to fundraise with private donors. As this information is released, the foundation is continuing the conversation with stakeholders, accepting questions and concerns. 

“We are watching very closely to see the community response,” Brandy McFall, Development Director of Oakwood Schools Foundation, said about moving forward with the project. 

Community members with questions about this plan are encouraged to contact Brandy McFall at [email protected].