Bye – bye BH

After decades with the district, Mark Brooks Hedstrom moves, leaves legacy


Era ends: Mark Brooks Hedstrom helps with the senior parade on May 26. Photo by: The Ax Staff

What will he miss the most?

“There are some big demonstrations or events that happen every year which I really look forward to, like “Shoot the Monkey,” or Liquid Nitrogen Day, or Kings Island Day. But some of my favorite memories actually come from the little acts of kindness and thoughtfulness that I see from students. Last spring, a couple of my AP Physics students, Coco Zhang and Kristen Ruscitelli, made lunch for me and set out a fancy tablecloth on one of the lab tables in my classroom. It was their way of expressing appreciation to their teacher.”

How had Oakwood changed his life?

“It has been my home away from home for the last two decades. Being in a caring, positive, and supportive environment for such a big part of my life has helped me have an optimistic outlook. There have been many parents who have gone out of their way to help me in various ways, often not for the direct benefit of their individual children, but to the benefit of the community as a whole. Every year I see the seniors full of hope and promise go off courageously to their next adventures in life, and that example helps me take courage with all the big changes coming to my life. As I start this fall at the Winsor School in Boston, I can think of all the Oakwood seniors who are starting their new lives in new places right alongside me.”


Students will remember “BH” as…

…a great teacher: “He goes out of his way to make personal connections with his students so they feel comfortable going to him to ask questions, like if they don’t understand something or just to talk to him about anything.” -Grace Almoney (12)

.…unique: “Mr. BH provides valuable resources for me as a student and a generally curious person.  He routinely arrives at school long before the first bell, opening his doors to anyone looking for a quiet space to work. He’s friendly and approachable about anything, and he makes the classroom somewhere people want to be.” -Kyle Lethander (12)

.…funny: “He will say small, soft comments and the whole class will erupt in laughter and that is what makes me excited to come back to class every day.” -Grace Almoney (12)


The Ax would also like to note that longtime French teacher, Connie Abner, just announced her retirement, and we plan to update this story as it develops.