Living boldly

Schools held district-wide Be Bold Day


Be Bold: Students in John Loomis’s room played games, attending the first ever Be Bold day Feb. 5 to endorse doing positive things and living their lives drug free.

Alex Thoma, Reporter

The Be Bold event took place Feb. 5, giving teens the opportunity to participate in activities instead of using drugs and alcohol.

The event allowed junior and senior high school students to interact and help influence students to live their lives drug and alcohol free.

Throughout the school week the junior and senior high school students have had the opportunity to sign BOLD banners pledging to live their lives drug and alcohol free.

Along with junior and senior high students, elementary students also participated.

“The feedback I got from the elementary school counselors was really positive, and they will probably continue what they did in terms of sessions,” Joan Bline, a counselor and intervention expert, said. Bline and junior high teacher Jennifer Simpson planned the event.

There were many games that students could participate in. Students had the opportunity to play computer games, card games, board games, Minecraft, euchre, puzzles and some others.

“I enjoyed the BOLD day activities because I got to play euchre and I’m going to try to do the same activity next year,” Ben Schoen (11) said.

There were unique, teacher-led activities including basketball, Oakwood spa, a guitar jam session, line dancing and a disco.

Students were able to partake in entertainment based activities as well. Examples include watching “The Office”, “March of the Penguins 2”, and “Parks and Recreation”. 

“I like penguins, I think a lot of people like penguins, and it was a relaxing event for people to come watch penguins,” Alex Brouhard, social studies teacher who led  the session “March of the Penguins 2”, said.

Bline said that the district plans to hold the event again next year.