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Classroom conundrum: Due to the sudden change in lifestyle, teachers and students are being forced to depend upon technology more than ever before. Photo illustration by: Shayla Frederick

Saved by the desktop

Shayla Frederick, Reporter
May 29, 2020

In motion: As people are having to spend more time indoors, they are compelled to get out of their houses and take walks. Image: Juanma Martin/Pixabay

Motivation to get moving

Naomi Sutch, Reporter
May 18, 2020

New normal: In response to recommendations and orders from the CDC and state and federal governments, some businesses tape markers six feet apart for consumers to stand on in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. After visiting multiple businesses in an attempt to photograph people occupying these markers: however, so few people were leaving the house to visit these establishments that there was no example of the markers in use. Photo by: Sophia Shannon

Post-pandemic culture

Sophia Shannon, Copy Editor
April 30, 2020
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