Mural mural on the wall

Mural in the cafeteria remains mystery


Mystery mural: The mural stands on the north wall of the cafeteria. “It is totally random,” art teacher Jen Gabbard said. “I think that something more meaningful would be better.” Photo by: Evelyn Hoffman

Evelyn Hoffman, Reporter

When students walk into the cafeteria, a large mural stretches across the wall, consisting of various, seemingly random objects. This includes a swan, farm scene, the sea and a rainbow of colors. The mural was created by multiple students approximately ten years ago. 

Attempts to contact prior staff and students who were involved in the creation of the mural were not responded to as of press time, so the mural continues to prompt more questions than it answers. Over time, students and teachers alike have expressed their opinion on this mural. While some students and staff enjoy the mural in its variety, others do not.

“So my least favorite part is that it’s very random,” Kristie Savino, an art teacher, said. “It doesn’t look complete and I don’t know why it was created or what it was created for. I feel like something else could bring more Oakwood spirit to the cafeteria.” 

While others do not like the randomness of the mural, others enjoy it. The various pieces of the mural seem to add a sense of extravagance.

“The swans are really cool, and I like the dragon too,” Ronan Kernan (11) said.

Based on these opinions, it may be debated as to whether or not the mural should be kept in its original form. However, some argue that changing it could add a greater sense of Oakwood spirit, and create a more significant landmark to the high school.

“[I believe we should] keep it because it has been there for a long time. I like how it is random and just has a lot going on,” Stella Castle (9) said.

Whether or not students wish for the mural to be kept or replaced, it is important to view the impact that the mural has on the school’s image. Some teachers and students believe that the mural should have a greater sense of Oakwood and its community.

“I would like to see something community or Oakwood inspired or student inspired,” Jennifer Gabbard, art teacher, said “Some sort of collage or something that would have some representation from multiple areas, something about clubs, sports or activities. Like pillars of the community in my opinion.” 

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