School district introduces new sound system


With the new system, the sound board was moved to the rear of the auditorium. “Eight seats were removed to allow for the new sound board.” Waller said.



On the evening of February 29th, 2012, the high school introduced a new ‘state of the art’ sound system in the auditorium that replaced the old technology that was used for many years.  The new system will benefit of the school’s art programs and speakers during assemblies.

The sound system was installed over holiday break in December by Sound Force.  The cabinet that will house the system was installed over winter break.

The new system was demonstrated by the performance of multiple Oakwood students playing both percussion, string, and wind instruments. There was also a performance by the  Contemporary A Capella Ensemble and a sneak peak of the song “Public Enemy” from the cast of Anything Goes which will utilize the system during their show in late March.

Improvements include quality microphones, an increased number of channels from 16 to 32 in the soundboard, a sub-woofer which improves volume, and a two location control system. Each improvement contributes to a better performance and an overall experience in the auditorium.

A special thanks was sent out to all contributors who funded the new system.  The largest donation, $3,000, came from the Oakwood High School/Junior High School Parent Teacher Organization. The project in all cost $32,000.