Student Council impacts members


Photo by: Sarah Hensley

Jack Henry (10), sophomore class Student Council president, spotlights his experiences in Student Council.

“Student Council is a form of student government in the school. Students run a campaign for a position in council and the students’ respective grade votes for candidates. Student Council focuses on planning events like dances, fundraising, raising money for charity, helping the school, and leading the student body,” Henry said.

Q: When was your first experience with Student Council?

A: My first experience with Student Council was in fourth grade when my parents   convinced me to run for council member.

Q: What is your current role in Student Council?

A: My current role in Student Council is president of the sophomore class. I act as the figurehead for the grade and try to lead the class in the right direction.

Q: What made you interested in running for Student Council?

A: I became interested in Student Council because it’s a great leadership experience and it is a lot of fun. I love leading the sophomore class and planning all the dances.

Q: What do you typically do each meeting?

A: Like I said before, dances are a huge role of Student Council. Often at meetings, we’ll talk about all the logistics and details behind the dances and vote on many things like the theme. We also plan fundraisers and talk about opportunities to help out the school or do charitable work. For example, we recently “adopted” a family in need and are buying them necessities and gifts for the holiday season.  

Q: What has been your favorite thing to work on?

A: One of my favorite things to do as president is giving speeches to my fellow classmates and try to pump them up.

Q: What changes have been made since you’ve become part of student council?  

A: One change we adopted last year was creating an application for student DJs for the dances like Techno. This way, everyone has an opportunity to apply and then has a chance of becoming the DJ.

Q: Would you like to continue to participate in Student Council in the future?

A: I would really love to continue Student Council because it’s a blast and really brings out the leader in you.

Q: What’s your advice for people who want to run for Student Council but are too afraid to?

A: My advice for people who want to run but are too afraid to is to just go for it. I was anxious to run back in fourth grade but now I love Student Council and it’s a huge part of my high school experience.

By: Sarah Hensley

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